September 22, 2010

Rain, Rain...

Today was the first day in about a month that it has rained. And not actually sprinkling, it poured!!! I love when that happens, because not only do my plants get watered, but all my rain barrels get full.

One of our frugal activities that my husband and I love to do is have friends over to play board games after our kids go to bed. It's great company, and we don't have to pay money to have them over! (luckily, our friends don't have kids yet, and they can come over when ours are in bed!)

Anyway, we had one of our favorite couples over last night, and we were learning how to play a new board game, when I asked if they had ever heard of Champaign getting less rain then the surrounding towns. I had heard this from a previous source, and I had never actually confirmed whether it was true or not.

So, luckily, our friends know how to keep us up to date on the topics we talk about late into the night, and here's what they researched about the rain levels in Champaign. This is the average rainfall in a year:

Champaign = 41 inches
Indianapolis = 40
South Bend = 40
Chicago = 38
Joliet = 37
Rockford = 37
Grand Rapids = 37
Springfield = 36
Peoria = 36
Milwaukee = 34

Now, whenever I'm complaining that my rain barrels have been empty for quite awhile, I will remember these facts about rainfall in our town.

Thanks to Razor Family Farms for letting me share their photos with you.

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