September 14, 2010

My first born is 4!

It seems hard to believe that Z-man is 4 years old today. He is our first born, and it growing up so fast.

It is hard to catch him smiling at the camera when asked, so here's a little smile as he's taking photos at church. He really loves helping out wherever he can, and loves to follow daddy around church, imitating what he does.

Here's Z-man when he turned 3 years old. (Last year):

Here's trouble at 2 years old:

And here's sweet little cheeks at 1 years old:

I couldn't find a picture of him when he was a day old, but as soon as I find one, I'll post it.



  1. They grow up too fast, don't they? I love the one year photo - it is too cute! Hope your little guy had a great birthday!