September 28, 2010

Laundry Day - Simple Things

Today is laundry day. I LOVE laundry day, because it makes me stay home (and not spend any money). Laundry day is great because all summer I've been hanging our clothes out to dry on the laundry line. I hope that we're saving a little bit of money by not running the dryer, and it makes me get outside for a few minutes at a time.

My eldest son, Z-man, has this thing now with playing the Nintendo DS. He got Mario Kart for his birthday and is actually pretty good at it. The only thing is that we only let him play the DS after he's helped with chores. Today, his chore was to help mom hang up one load of laundry. He did great! And I think he actually enjoyed it!

I also love laundry day, because the time that I'm outside hanging clothes, I have a chance to remember all the ways that we're being frugal.

First of all, we aren't using the electricity to dry our clothes.

We also use an energy efficient front loading laundry machine.

We use clothe napkins instead of paper towels. I just bought a huge tablecloth from Goodwill and cut it down to size for clothe napkins.

We buy our clothes from second-hand stores, or have close friends who give us their kids hand-me-downs.

We drive a hybrid.

We either run or use workout videos at home, thus saving money by going to the gym.

We keep our heat below 68 degrees. And open the windows when it's hot out.

Okay, so these are the things that I've thought of while outside hanging clothes. I'd love to hear how you try to save money in different areas of your lifestyle!


  1. We live close to Matt's work so that he can walk. He even plans to walk when it gets cold out...because it's that close.

  2. We carpool every day and only drive one vehicle. I also reuse softener sheets. I make a grocery list before going to the store and stick to it, thus saving a TON of money. I have The Crappy Giveaway which lets my sisters and I exchange things we no longer want and gain new things...therefore not going shopping and saving money!

  3. Ann - That's great that your husband can walk to work! Exercise and you get the car for the day!

    Crystal - I've just started re-using softener sheets. (that's when I do use the dryer for some things).

    Thanks for your comments!