June 27, 2009

Pizza Tonight - With Help

I made homemade pizza's tonight and with the help of my little boys, we got alot accomplished. Sometimes I just need to relax and let them help out more with cooking, even though it takes twice as long to make things.  Here's a photo of Silas LOVING the olives!  He had fun putting them on his fingers.

Here is Zechariah helping out my "rolling" out the pizza dough.  I think he enjoys the flour the most, no matter where I tell him to put it, it ALWAYS ends up all over the place.  But he did a really good job tonight in helping out.  He also loves to put the pepperoni and cheese on the pizzas.

And here is our final result of our supreme pizza.  This is the best pizza that has ever come out of our oven!  We love to double the recipe so that we can have tons of leftovers!  I don't have the recipe on hand right now, but I will post it soon.

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