June 3, 2009

Aldi Grocery Trip

Went to Aldi's tonight with the family, because we found out from a friend that strawberries were on sale for $.50/lb!!!  Of course there was a limit of 5 per customer, so we only got 5.  And cheese was on sale for $2.79 this week.  So we got some for pizzas and to use with our eggs. 

We'll be using the walnuts for banana bread later this week.  Total we spent $41.83.

Meatballs $1.99
Soft shells $.99
Strawberries $.49
English Muffins $.99
Trail Mix $1.99 (this was for Zechariah cause he was ubber hungry!)
Broccoli $1.49
Olive oil $3.69
Cheese $2.79
Chili Beans $.59
Pineapple $.89
Olives $.99
Applesauce $.99
Walnuts $4.99
All Purpose Flour $1.59
Raisins 6pk $1.19 (the boys have recently been eating raisins like they're going out of style!)
Raisins $1.79
Yogurt (strawberry & blueberry) $.43
Yogurt (key lime) $.39 (Zechariah only eats green yogurt)


1 comment:

  1. Green yogurt, huh? Yum! But really that is cute. It's so funny what kids latch onto.