June 18, 2009

Grocery Trip

So I've been procrastinating a little bit on grocery shopping for the past couple weeks.  I finally sat down and looked at the ads and figured out what coupons and deals matched up.

Pictured above is a shopping trip from IGA, Schnucks, County Market, and Aldi's.

Then I realized that I had forgotten to unload another bag, so here are the extras.

I found the most deals at IGA, because they had a special coupon to take $3 off a purchase of 5 items from General Mills.  So I got 4 Totinos Pizzas for $1.25 each, and then I also got Gardettos for $1.67 (for the hubby).  I was also excited to see Hamburger Helper on sale for $1/box, and then there's a coupon here to get $0.80 off 3 boxes. (which made them $0.73 a box).  I was also excited to see that there is a NEW Hamburger Helper out there....Asian!!! So I got some boxes of fried rice and noodles, that I'm excited to try out.

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