March 12, 2009

Hair Cuts

Another way that we try to cut back on money is having hair clippers here at home.  We bought a set when we were just married because I was determined to cut my husbands hair and save the extra $15 for something else.  So what happened then was I would cut Jason's hair and then the next month he'd go to a barber.  Then the next couple months I would cut it.  He'd go to the barber to have him fix the mistakes I made in the beginning.  :)

But now I'm proud to say that I can cut Jason's hair pretty darn well!  And I have two little boys that I can give hair cuts to as well!  Granted, Grandma Fisher always notices when I cut their precious hair. :)  

Recently Jason has taken on my request to cut my hair! Yikes, you probably think!!  Yup, he's doing pretty well, I might add.  He's only cut it once so far, but practice makes perfect.

So all in all, I just wanted to post that another way to save money is to invest in some hair clippers.  It saves us $70/month, or $840 a year!  (That's if all of us got hair cuts at a salon or barber).  

Happy cutting! 

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