March 15, 2009

FREE Sandbox

Just wanted to share one of my findings today!  I was out taking a walk with my youngest son and we passed by a house that had this sandbox out by the curb.  They were out trimming up their yard, so I didn't hesitate to ask them if they were getting rid of it.  They were very kind and said they were moving to Switzerland!  I love finding these treasures!  Now all we need is a good deal on sand!


  1. Scott and I saw you walking with this yesterday! We were trying to figure out what the yellow flat thing you were carrying was. It seemed too late for sleds. Mystery solved!

  2. LOL, that's so funny that you saw us walking with it! I felt so ridiculous! You should've seen me walking back pushing a stroller with Silas in it, and lugging a wagon with the base on it. :)