March 5, 2011

Our Garden Is Started!

I'm happy to say that our garden has been started, indoors, of course! This is my absolute favorite time of winter...when I get to start our seeds for Spring! Last year we started a few days earlier than this year, but I'm sure we'll be fine in the end.

We planted a ton of tomatoes, a ton of peppers, some peas in the baseball trading card holders, and some flowers.

I'm experimenting with the flower seeds that I collected last year, to see if they will actually grow. If so, I won't need to buy any annuals from garden stores this year!

I'm also experimenting on growing peas in baseball card holders. I found this idea in the recent Family Fun magazine that came in the mail. All you need are baseball card holders, some suction cups, and a hold puncher. We'll see if they grow! I'm just afraid that the window is too cold. That's why I put pea seeds in them, because I know that they like the colder weather.

I'm very excited about our garden this summer, because we're planning on having a few raised beds. So that means, there's going to be a lot more room for our veggies to grow!

Have you started digging in the dirt lately?

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