March 29, 2011

Lack of Blogging Lately

Hello readers! I just wanted to give you a little update on why I haven't been blogging as much as I would like lately. I've started a part-time job at Metri-Tech a couple weeks ago, and that has taken up much of my evening time. While I enjoy my job and enjoy that paycheck every two weeks, I also miss the time that I could be spending with my family. I guess it's just one of the things that I will have to sacrifice for now. My job is only temporary till June, so this job is giving us extra spending money for later.

Also, my youngest sister has recently moved in with us for the summer. She has found a job in Savoy, IL and will be staying with us until school starts up for her in August. It's so nice to have adult company around the house and she's very good with the boys. It's just nice to have her around!

Since the weather is starting to warm up, I've been doing little projects around the house outside. I have big plans for rows of corn in our backyard, two raised beds, along with our normal garden beds. So, that also has been taking up some time that I could be blogging.

I appreciate your patience as I try to accomplish so much in (what seems like) such little time.

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