June 3, 2010

Cruise Pictures!

For those of you who didn't know, my husband and I took a little vacation on a Carnival Cruise! It was mainly to celebrate our 7th anniversary, but I think it was more just to get away from our everyday routine and really appreciate what we have and the family we have.

We had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. It was our first ever cruise and everyday we found a new part of the ship that we had never seen before. There was food available every time of the day and lots of soft serve ice cream that could cool you down after soaking in the sun.

Our cruise ship was headed to Cozumel, Mexico. Where my husband and I signed up to enjoy kyacking in see-through kyacks. We also did a little snorkeling and saw some pretty cool fish. We even saw people playing with dolphins!

There were 4 pools on the ship, and we were surprised when we jumped in them that they were filled with saltwater! I guess that makes sense, since we were traveling in saltwater.

I had the best meal ever on the ship. My husband makes fun of me because it was a traditional steak and potato meal, but seriously, the meat was cooked to perfection and there was hardly any fat on it. And it was served with some tasty veggies. I think overall it was just a treat to not have to cook for 5 days!

So, if you can afford it, I would recommend taking a cruise someday. It's really an adventure I'll never forget.

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  1. That's awesome! Would you share how much it cost? Would really want to go with my hubby. TIA! :)

    Btw, I found your site thru CouponSTL. I forgot to bookmark your page the first time I visited when I checked out your veggies garden. Ms. Jeri gave me your blog's name. So here I am again.