March 4, 2010

Sprouting Seeds and Growing Boys

We are all very excited here at our home (well at least I am the most), because the sun is shining out and our seeds are starting to sprout!! I discovered them sprouting the other day, but waited till this morning to show the boys. Earlier, we had a family activity of planting our seeds for our summer garden (you can read more here), and today we are finally seeing the product of our labor.

Sorry this photo is blurry, our camera couldn't focus in on what we were trying to aim at:

As far as growing boys, our little Pudge is doing very well at potty training. I was so impressed today when we were running errands. He told me twice (two different times) that he had to go potty, and he went in the toilet! We came home after 2 hours of errands with a dry diaper! I am so proud of him! Here is a photo of last week's chart and the stickers represent going on the potty:

And a new chart was put up today for this week's accomplishments:

This is our spectacular update on our sprouting seeds and growing boys! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Where'd you get the little containers?

    Also, I used to have a problem focusing on close objects with my camera. But, someone showed me the "macro" button. It looks like a flower. If you push it, you can focus on close things. Do you have one of those buttons anywhere on your camera?

  2. Thanks! I do have that button, I'll go try that now. And the small containers are just old yogurt cups and egg cartons that we've recycled.