March 16, 2010

Grocery shopping this week = $40.71

I was daring today and took Pudge with me on my grocery excursion to 5 different stores! He was a trooper, let me tell you. I'm just glad that I had brought snacks with me. It makes a world of difference to a toddler.

Total spent = $40.71 ($0.71 over budget, bummer!)

Pictured below is our stop at IGA. I used a majority of in-store coupons, combined with manufacturer coupons, so total here was: $18.20.

Pictured below is our stop at Schnucks. We spent a total on food: $8.35.

Pictured below is our stop at Target for some cheap eggs and diapers. (I don't count the diapers in our grocery bill). Total spent on food: $2.31.

I just wanted to share my excitement in finding eggs that were harvested from IL!! It was odd that we found these in our Target. If you're curious (like I was) about this farm, check out the Mussman family farm.

Pictured below is our stop at County Market. Total spent there was $8.61. The Kotex pads were only $0.39 each (at least that's what it said on my receipt), and I had 2 $2 off 2 coupons, so that gave me $2.40 towards my food bill! Woo-hoo!

And our last photo here is from Walgreens. Total spent here was only $3.24. The toothpaste was free with register rewards (and I had a coupon). So I used those register rewards to pay for our soap and flour!

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  1. did you see that at Meijer Orchard A J is going on sale and after meijer coupons and Orchard coupons it will cost around .17 cents...or atleast that is what the website I read claims I will have to find out on Thursday. Though I have noticed I don't get my coupons doubled at Meijer. Do you have one near you?

    Oh and I got that flour too! What a deal, .75 cents a bag!! AWESOME!