March 20, 2010

Saturday Movie Outing

Today was the first Saturday that we could attend the free Saturday movies at our local movie theater. I'd never heard of the movie, Imagine That, with Eddie Murphy. So we decided with the chilly weather out today that it'd be fun to take the boys and see how they liked the whole experience. Last time we tried to have both the boys sit through a movie at a theater, Pudge was not up for that. This time he did ALOT better. And what movie theater experience is complete without the popcorn and drink! (except our boys wanted water.) So funny!

When we got there for the 10am showing, they were all out of tickets, so we decided to stay for the 11am showing. Luckily, the Savoy Fire Department was outside with their fire truck and talking "Sparky" for all the kids to interact with. It was so cold out that we didn't visit Sparky for too long.
The boys sure got a kick out of Sparky though! So that was a fun surprise to see some firemen out at the Theater. One of them even took the time to sneak in a picture for us.

So just another adventurous day with the Fishers!

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