May 12, 2009

Target: FREE Ritz Crackers and Kraft BBQ sauce

Today we headed over to Target to pick up some inexpensive crackers and free Kraft BBQ sauce. Triscuits and Wheat Thins were $2.04 a box and the Ritz were $1.75 a box. The BBQ Sauce was $0.99. Head on over to these Manufacturer coupons and Target coupons and you too can spend $3.76 total for all pictured above!

You can use Manufacturer coupons and Target coupons on the same item. For example, I had 2 $1/box Manufacturer coupon for the Ritz crackers, I also had $1/box Target coupon for Ritz crackers. The Ritz crackers were on sale for $1.75, with both coupons that would make the item free, and with $0.25 money made!

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