May 3, 2009

CROP Hunger Walk Adventure

Here we are about to start our adventure of the CROP Hunger Walk.  I should explain what the CROP walk really is.  "Neighbors walking together to take a stand against hunger in our world. Together we raise awareness and funds for international relief and development, as well as local hunger-fighting."  As you can see, we started out with our wagon....but that turned out to be too heavy to pull, so we switched to the double jogging stroller.

The route was 6 miles long and the route started at the church and went past our home, so we were able to switch out the wagon for our stroller.  It was such a nice day for the walk, that I was determined to finish it out with the boys.  They didn't really like being confined to the stroller, so Jason and I tried to keep them entertained during the walk. 

Jason thought of the idea to carry water jugs along with him, to feel what it would be like to walk 6 miles to fetch water, like some 3rd world countries do.  Zechariah carried his water bottle for a little while, and he said it was "so heavy!"

So as my husband and I are relaxing after a long walk, and the boys are in bed, I'm glad to know that we were able to walk the walk and find out how it would feel like to walk 6 or so miles each day to fetch water.

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