May 28, 2009

Schnucks Trip

I had a great time shopping with my family tonight.  We heard about the great deal on Kellogg's cereal ($0.89/box with $1 off coupon), so we headed over to Schnucks for some sweet shopping deals.  Also, I wanted to note that even though our family LOVES cereal....we will be donating half of these boxes to our church food pantry.  As you can see from the picture, my husband LOVES Boca Chicken Patties, so we stocked up on those as well.  

Kellogg's cereal = $0.89/box with $1 off coupon
Boca Meats = $3.25/box with $0.50 off coupon 
Crystal Light = $0.67/box with $1 off coupon and coupon
Kraft Dressing = $0.67/jar with $1 off coupon and coupon
Salad = $1.50 no coupons (decided to get these because they were on sale and we have a lot of salad dressing now!)
Total = $41.08

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