April 1, 2009

Weekly Grocery Trip

This week was entertaining going shopping, because I usually go by myself when the kids are napping. But this week we made it a family event. We loaded up the kids, and then went over to Great Grandma's to pick her up to go shopping as well.

First we went to Aldi's to pick up some stable foods. Then we headed over to County Market for some heavy-duty shopping. Jason was great and helped Zechariah make frequent trips to the free cantaloupe sampling table, while I shopped with Silas and Great Grandma.

The trip took a little longer than expected, so I saved my IGA shopping for the next day. So there are a couple of things that I didn't get in this picture because we had already used them up. Oh well.

So this is the picture of this week's $40 spendings on groceries!

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