April 30, 2009

Everyone loves Ice Cream and Firemen!

We headed over to Baskins Robbins last night to hook up their .31 cent/scoop ice cream!  We had a good time, and so did our kids, as you can tell from the pictures!  After we all had our ice cream (3 scoops for $1.01!!), we tried going in for some more, since we heard that you could have up to 3 scoops per person, and we were denied.  We contemplated going to the other Baskin Robbins in town, but quickly realized that the boys probably had enough with one scoop.  

We checked out the fire truck they had at Baskin Robbins and also got a free fire hat for both the boys.  It was a fun night out!

1 comment:

  1. GOODNESS, Silas is getting big. I guess that is what happens when we don't see each other for months.