May 13, 2011

Grocery Spending this Week = $30.04

This past week wasn't too exciting for grocery shopping. We've been doing well with making meals and using up what we have in the pantry.

Big Lots = $7.40
Stocked up a little bit on bread, since they had a few loaves of bread on sale for $1.10.

We made a couple trips to County Market to pick up some staple items in the home.

County Market = $8.05
I was especially excited about the Dole Salad mix, because they were on clearance for $0.99/bag, and then I found a coupon on one of the bags for $1 off 2 bags! That made one bag free!

County Market = $14.59
We made 5 pizzas for Mothers Day for my in-laws, so these items below were for that occasion. Again there was a clearance on the Dole Salad mix, and I found another $1 off 2 bags...that made one bag free!

So, total spent on groceries this week was only $30.04. We usually set aside $50/week on groceries. How'd you do this week?

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