May 21, 2011

Grocery Shopping for 2 Weeks = $104.32

(Pudge excited that I splurged and got some "Cloud Cakes")

My sister and I pulled out our cookbooks and pulled together a list of meals for the past week and this upcoming week. So the photos below will be for those meals. We mainly went to Aldi's and County Market for our shopping adventures.

We usually have $50 set aside for groceries each week, and since we were planning for two weeks, we had $100 to use. Also, last week we had $19.96 extra to spend this week, which allowed us to spend $119.96.

Aldi = $57.22

County Market = $41.10

We went shopping here the day that the Penny Pincher coupons expired, so it was fun to see everyone using up their coupons before they expired. We stocked up on the brownies, since they were only $0.27/box (with manufacturer and penny pincher coupon combined)!

I forgot to get this bag of potatoes into the photo above, so here it is:

I also purchased some falafel and couscous at a local store in town. I forgot to get a photo of that purchase, and that cost $6.

So, that's pretty much all we bought for this past week and this coming week.

Total came up to $104.32.

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