May 6, 2011

Grocery Shopping the Past 2 Weeks = $71.44

County Market this week has some great deals with their Penny Pincher coupons. I've combine a majority of their store coupons with Manufacturer coupons. For example, the photo below I only spent $1.83! I used the Duncan Brownie coupon ($o.77 each) and stacked it with a $0.50 coupon online, so I only spent $0.27/box!

Same sort of deal with the Eckrich hot dogs...I used their penny pincher coupon ($0.99) and stacked that with a $0.55 coupon. That made each package cost $0.44!

County Market = $1.83 (saved $8.12, which is 82%!!)

County Market = $19.49 (Saved $15.23, which is 40%)
Holy Strawberries!!! We got 4 lbs. for $4!!! Hello, smoothies!!!

Big Lots = $23.21
I was so excited to find the Apple Jacks on clearance for $0.25/box!!!
The Wheat Thins were only $2/box!!!
The Wesson Vegetable Oil was only $5, so broken down that was a far better deal than buying 3 bottles of oil.
County Market = $26.91
(No, I did not buy that girl in the photo!! :)
I used a lot of the Penny Pincher coupons to make my total bill way less than normal.

Total spent on 2 weeks of groceries came to a total of $71.44! We have $50/week budgeted for the summer (now that my sister is living with us), so this week we stayed under budget!

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