December 3, 2010

Pajama Day at School!

I love that my son has PJ day at school. Today Z-man was so excited to wear his pajamas to school, he was telling everyone the day before! I took a quick snapshot of him before we went to school.
We have been receiving boy clothing from a couple of people. Our neighbor on the corner has a 5 year old, and we get all his hand-me-downs, which are great! We also get clothing from Z-man's cousin in Chicago. This time around we got a super cute bath robe with Cars on it. Z-man loved it! He wanted to wear it to school instead of his winter coat...and since it was PJ day at school, I allowed it. Kids are so funny!

He also got a cute drawing from another girl in his class. How precious!

Z-man is so excited about all his friends at school. I was tempted to take pictures of all this friends because he talks about them so much. So here are a few of them:

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