December 11, 2010

Grocery Shopping this week = $53.62

If you ever need bread and are in Champaign, make sure you stop at Big Lots (the one located on Springfield) first! I went there on Monday and they had a whole cart full of bagels, buns, tons of bread!! The were only $1 a bag! Granted they do expire within a couple of days, but just throw them in the freezer and they will keep. I promised myself that I will never buy regular bread at the store now that I know Big Lots secret.

Big Lots and Dollar General = $ 10.04

County Market = $38.74

Lots of good in-store coupons that I used. If you bought 5 items of Knorr, then you got $2.50 off of meat. Each Knorr item was $1.

We love Mona's noodles, so I was excited to see that the tortellini and egg noodles were on sale this week.

Walgreens = $4.84

I had a manufacturer coupon for both the eggs and the Jello pudding.

Overall we try to stick with our $40 grocery budget, but this week I think I got a little excited about the bread at Big Lots. I spent a total of $53.62. Yikes! I'll be taking some of next weeks budget to cover this week.

Thanks for looking!

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