October 6, 2010

San Diego, CA

The reason I had not posted anything for a few days, is because I was away at a Youth Workers Convention in San Deigo, CA with my husband. It was a great time being away from the everyday routine. The weather wasn't quite what we had expected, and everyone blamed us for bringing the rain and cold weather with us! Which I didn't mind too much.

I just wanted to highlight some of the things we did and post some pictures of the speakers we heard. My husband has relatives out in Chula Vista, CA, so we stayed with them and saved money on a hotel. They were extraordinary hosts, and it was so good to get to know them better.

While we stayed with them, we got to hang out and see some of the sights with them. I'm not a great tourist, so I forgot my camera at home. Here are some pictures I got off the internet to show you where we went.

First was the Coronado Bridge that led to an island near the San Diego border. We drove across it like a bat out of hell - super scary! And then we took a ferry across to walk by the bay.

Here is a photo of the bridge at night:

Here is a photo of the convention center where the Youth Workers Conference was held. No pool for us, though!

We got to hear from Gayle and Ted Haggard about their experience in the Church and what happens when that all is crumbled away. You can read more about what is going on in their lives here. I saw them on Oprah one day, so they're kinda famous to me.

And here is a photo of my husband and I's favorite group, The Skit Guys. We love to watch them and laugh at all their skits. They're so funny!

It was a lot of fun to be away with my husband and enjoy the time we could have together.

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