August 11, 2010

Reusing Water

I have come to decide that my family and I are very much into reusing water. Which is a great thing! I think this is one of our passions, because we know that there is so little fresh water left on this Earth. So here's some of the things that we do to save or even reuse the water that we use.

Take for example this summer and filling up our takes ALOT of water to fill it up, so when we are done playing in it for a couple of days, what do we do with that water? Reuse it!

Our car has been dirty for awhile now, so the boys were excited to help us peel the bugs off!

Z-man was getting frustrated when we filled up a huge water gun for was too heavy. We used that water gun to rinse the car off.

We have about 10 of these 5 gallon buckets around the house, to catch rain water, to pull weeds, or whatever we need them for. They are also great for watering flowers!

So this is just one way that we try to reuse the water that we use. Do you have any ways that you try to reuse things lately?


  1. We use the water from our de-humidifers to fill the washing machine.

  2. I've never heard of that one before! Do you use your de-humidifiers often?