August 31, 2010

Busy Day

This morning I went for a walk by myself. This is quite unusual because there are usually two little boys following me. But my husband was kind enough to let me enjoy the morning by myself.

This Tuesday morning there have to be tons of garbage cans swarming our neighborhood because it is a popular day for pick-up. There are non-stop garbage trucks all morning and afternoon. Crazy.

So on my morning walk, since it was garbage day, I stumbled upon this Little Tykes playhouse. It was all broken down, so I had to get the car to come back and get it. It was really dirty, and needed a good cleaning.

I took it upon myself and my little boys to give this little house a good cleaning and see if it had all it's pieces. I hate to see things thrown away when they can be re-used and even sold again.

Here's a picture of the house we cleaned up:

Another busy day with the Fishers, looks a little like this:

We have a 3 door garage, and there were no cars/trucks filling the space today!! We used that to our advantage, and made a race track in our garage. The boys LOVED it! They found all their favorite toys and went at it. All I had to do was draw a track and move some heavy things out of their way, and they played for a couple hours in there. What a great time they had!

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