July 24, 2010


I just wanted to share with you some photos of our produce from our garden, and show you photos of my mother-in-law's garden. It's insane! I tried to help prune back some of the tomato plants, and it took me almost 2 hours to prune back 3 bunches. They have so much overgrown veggie plants, that they can't even see or get into the plants to pick their produce. So overwhelming, can you tell?

And yes, those are BUSHES of tomatoes! Woah!

The corn is doing quite well, and let me tell you, it's delicious!
Here's my mother-in-law saying she didn't want me to take her photo:

Here's the pumpkins that I gave her.
They were growing out of our compost pile, and needed a better place to live.

Eww, a mushroom growing in the backyard! It's huge!

Here are some gorgeous flowers that she planted from seed.
Wildflowers of some sort. Maybe Zinnas.

Aren't the colors gorgeous?

And last but not least, a bucket full of tomatoes that I just picked from our garden! There are so many, I can't wait to show them to my husband!

Here's a close-up!

That's all for now. Have you gotten anything from your garden this summer? I'd be curious to find out!


  1. I have three tomatoes and lots of jalapeños. Those are still on the plants and on Tuesday I'm going to pluck them and make jalapeño poppers for Kissy & Chad.

  2. Oh yeah...and I have basil, oregano, rosemary & parsley that I have been using them in everything!

  3. I think I"ll have to try Rosemary next summer, it sounds like it'd be tasty on potatoes. :)