August 1, 2011

Last Week Re-Cap

Summer is just flying by! I can't believe that it's August 1st already!

I just wanted to re-cap last week, since I never got around to posting anything.

We seriously did something every HOT day of the week, because my husband decided to take a week off to spend some time at home after a week at Leadership Lab.

Here we are with family watching a softball game at Dodds Park in Champaign. My sister-in-laws fiance was playing a game and it was fun to see him play and cheer him on.

Last week my husband desperately needed a haircut, and with this hot and humid weather, I don't blame him for wanting it chopped!

We are in need of a good pair of hair clippers. The last one I purchased off of Amazon was a waste of money! Anyone recommend a good hair cutting kit?

On Saturday we took our boys to go fishing for the very first time in their lives! It was a very exciting moment because I guess I always figured that little boys need to learn how to fish.

There was a free program with the local Forest Preserve, where they had older gentlemen showing kids how to fish. It was fun, because they had prizes for the most fish caught, the biggest fish, and the best sport. Z-man caught 2 bluegill that were about 4 inches long, and Pudge caught one.

It really was a nice summer day, but the boys didn't have a long attention span, so we packed a picnic and brought that along with.

And yesterday, we had the pleasure of going to a pool party with the youth from church. This is always a blast, because our boys are able to bring their floaties and really get some exercise. These floaties aren't allowed at the public pool, so they were very excited to bring them to the party.

And the water was so warm, it was like a relaxing bath before bedtime!

Here's Z-man showing the rest of the youth how to play a zombie game he had made up. It was really cute seeing him want to lead the game even when all the other kids are in Jr. High and High School aged.

Overall we had a pretty fun week, and ended up saying good-bye to my sister who has been living with us since Easter. WOW, that went fast!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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