August 14, 2011

Grocery Shopping this week: $68.79

This week we did pretty good with lots and lot of cereal! The price I will pay for cereal is $1.25 or less, and this week, we found lots for only $0.99/box!

Below is Schnucks (in Savoy) = $15.17
We hit up the clearance isle and always seem to come away with cereal. Broccoli was on sale for $1/lb, and the cilantro was for some homemade salsa.

We forgot to take a photo of this prized snack for only $1!

Pictured below is from County Market = $40.26
We had several trips to C.M. this week to hook up lots of cereal for only $0.99/box! Yum! I think we'll be stocked up for quite awhile!

Target = $9.36
I got a chance to go shopping by myself for a couple of hours, so naturally, I went to Target. I was mostly looking for snacks at work, and here's what I came away with:

Dollar Tree = $4
I also stopped at Dollar Tree for some staple pretzels, which are also a great snack at work!

So, total, we did go over our budgeted $50/week on groceries, with a total of $68.79. I will have to take that into consideration for next week's groceries, and I will only be able to spend $31.21.

Thanks for reading, it keeps me accountable to my shopping habits!

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