April 8, 2011

Grocery Spending for 2 weeks = $98.48

If you haven't read in my earlier post, we are increasing our grocery budget to $50 a week, because we have an extra mouth to feed in this house for the summer. My sister has come to live with us and work for the summer. So, instead of $40/week for groceries, we've increased it by $10/week.

County Market = $31.32

CVS = Free with using my Extra Care Bucks.

County Market = $2.01
I used some "penny pinchers' and combined them with a manufacturer coupon and got each box for $1!

Aldi's = $65.17
I love Aldi's, what more can I say...

Total spent for 2 weeks of groceries = $98.48


  1. I have two episodes of Extreme Couponing for you to watch next time you come over. It was very inspiring. A lady purchased $1200 worth of groceries and only paid $5.27. Who does that? WE COULD!

  2. Yes, please save those episodes for me, I'd love to watch them! Everyone I know has been talking about those shows, and we don't have cable...so it would be fun to watch them with you sometime!