April 22, 2011

Grocery Shopping this week = $60.38

We went over our budget of $50 this past week by $10.38. Here's what we got:

County Market: $19.95
(Not Pictured: Apple Jacks, Pops cereal)

Aldi: $22.00
Can you tell that we like apples here in the Fisher household? Specifically two little boys! If you total up how many bags of apples I bought over the past week, it would total up to 4!!

Meijer: $18.45
Eggs were only $0.99 this week, so I got a couple dozen. $0.99 and under is the only price I try to pay for eggs. The rest of the items were to use to make granola and granola bars.

So, total for the past week was $60.38. This coming week we're going to try better at making a meal list and finding ingredients to keep up with them. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Just FYI, if you find a store with a good bulk bin section (better "market" type stores, health stores, Whole Foods), you can get things like oats, wheat germ, granola, most nuts, and lots of other things in bulk and it's often a lot cheaper!