July 11, 2011

Garden Update & Surprise Squash Plant

Our garden is taking off at full speed! Here are our raised beds:

Our tomatoes are doing well. They need better staking, but here's one of our Big Tom's!

And here are a couple of our surprise squash that we have no idea what it's going to be. It's exciting to find out!

We think it might be watermelon. Possible a seed that was thrown into the compost has now taken over most of the garden walk-ways.

And I'm so proud of our broccoli for forming this past week! I had my doubts as to whether or not it would produce anything.

And our beans are also taking off and climbing over everything around it:

Now all we need is some good rain to fill up our rain barrel!


  1. Thanks! I feel like we're slowly finding produce, I'm sure once the tomatoes ripen, we'll be swimming in tomatoes!

  2. This is a beautiful sight!